stat fun

Bloggers have a thing about checking their stats, and I’ll freely admit to being partial to checking mine (it was one of the — many, may I add — reasons I moved over here to but, since my stats are always boring (seriously) I’d never thought I’d be posting about them.


On one’s wordpress dashboard, they list the top searches on google which have resulted in people clicking through to your site. A few blogs list the funny ones they get on a regular basis (will go find the links later, I have deadline work to do, but I just REALLY wanted to post this…) but yeah, I neeeeever have any fun ones.


Over the last couple of days, my stats have gone through the ROOF, and people have been coming after searching the following phrases:

  1. “celia hammond record”;
  2. peter tannock; and
  3. Professor Cecilia Hammond [sic]

Hrm. I should right about regime change more often!!

But I actually do worry why this has caused so much traffic… cause I’m neurotic and I have previously mentioned that I hate the to-be-ex-VC of Notre Dame Au and because I generally like being alive and having a job and stuff, I really hope no-one over there is pissed off at me. I’m just writing about my own bumbly thoughts on my own bumbly time (it’s 6:40pm people! I should be at home!!), but you know… Thems Catholic Mafia still scare me.

That’s all.

The Memes in Weezer’s Pork and Beans hardly ever has “news” but I rate it for stuff like this. The IT section collects all the YouTube vids that are referenced in Weezer’s vid for Pork and Beans so that everyone who’s been living under a rock can catch up. Quite useful!

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And the video itself (so I can pretend I have content…):


change at the top

I’m not exactly Christian, but I wish to take this opportunity to give Him many rounds of thanks and praise for the blessed event of Dr Peter Tannock (Grand High Douche-Bag) finally confirming that he is leaving ND.

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

There had been rumours about this going around since I was in First Year, and excitement built around reports he’d anointed a successor last year, but even better news, the Uni’s PR Machine (the highest per-capita funded department?) has officially announced it!!

And in even betterer news (can it get better, you ask? Oh hi-ho, yes, it can!!), his successor isn’t who we’d heard it would be, but rather is the wonderful Professor Celia Hammond, who was originally in the Law School and was really nice and cool back in the day.

If I may be so bold, tonight, before I Lay Me Down To Sleep, I shall pray the Lord Celia’s soul to keep, just in case, you know, after all the present celebrations, it, you know… ends up turning bad. I’m sure it’ll be fine, but, you know… you never know!!

CONGRATS AND GOOD LUCK CELIA!! We’re counting on you!!!

analysing facebook

So, as we all know, is the almighty and undeniable source of accurate and useful news report. As we also know, I like irony. But I am still dumb enough to read it every day (and check it several times a day, shame shame shame) because while ABC is great (seriously), it’s kinda dry and I need some amusement in my daily internet intake with which I can remind myself that at least I am not as ridiculous as heaps of other people.

Anyway, head image this morning:


Unfortunately, there is no more juicy goss on that Spitzer hooker, that swimming chick, that horrible-skinned guy with the bad sunglasses, or that pudgy hitman fellow.

Damn. I was hoping I would be reminded of their names again, cause their fifteen minutes seems like yeeeeeears ago and I have no idea who they are now.

The story essentially gives a boring, extroverted psychologist air-time to say that if you update your profile a lot you are a boring, extroverted Facebooker.

Social networking analyst Laurel Papworth says there are hidden messages behind the overt displays of self-promotion on websites like Facebook or MySpace.

Status updates can show if someone is an extrovert or fishing for sympathy, she claims.

“The extrovert, they are always going to be updating because the world revolves around them and one can assume that means the world needs to know how they are feeling from minute to minute,” Ms Papworth told

No frick, Ferlock.

There are no “hidden messages” in status updates. You say what you want to say, when you want to say it.

I update fairly regularly, but I don’t need an assumingly self-anointed “Social Networking Analyst” to tell me about my personality type. I, as well as everyone who knows me knows I like talking about myself 😀 

What about you? Are you enlightened and self-actualised now that you know about your social networking habits? What are your social networking habits?


coconut goodness

I hope everyone knows and loves and regularly reads Stuff White People Like. Because, like it says if you hover over that thar link, it’s Teh Shizz. If you do, you can go back to Facebook or work or wheresoever from whence you came.


To the uninitiated, I hope you enjoy the following summary!

This site contains a series of posts which describes things that White People Like and explains how you may better acquaint yourselves with Them or prepare yourself for having to converse with Them.

The comments are gold when people get all testy and all “nuh-uh, I TOTALLY AM. NOT. LIKE. THAT.” But, the thing I personally digg most importantly is that it always makes me feel better knowing that someone out there, even if sarcastically, gets me.

For example:

A common characteristic amongst white people is the need to over analyze things, so they partake in activities such as therapy, writing a blog, or becoming an arts major. So its rather obvious why white people love lawyers so much as it is the one profession that has mastered the art of “over analyzing things”. Even though most disputes can be resolved through reason, unselfishness, and / or a google search, white people would prefer to take things to court or have something in writing. Lawyers are seen as the ultimate problem solvers and “the law” is seen as the be all, end all, of resolving all the world’s ills. [#56]

White people love rules. It explains why so they get upset when people cut in line, why they tip so religiously and why they become lawyers. But without a doubt, the rule system that white people love the most is grammar. It is in their blood not only to use perfect grammar but also to spend significant portions of time pointing out the errors of others.

When asking someone about their biggest annoyances in life, you might expect responses like “hunger,” “being poor,” or “getting shot.” If you ask a white person, the most common response will likely be “people who use ‘their’ when they mean ‘there.’ Maybe comma splices, I’m not sure but it’s definitely one of the two.” [#99]

It’s hilarious in so many ways, some of which I never realised but are oh so true, while others are plainly obvious.

As I said to Ray-Ray this morning while we were discussing the awesomeness of this site, I do lament over the fact that it’s such a shame I was born brown.

But as she wisely reminded me, it’s ok because I’m white on the inside.




So remember how I was having a whinge about ((whoa I just had a MASSIVE flash of deja vu. crazy. anyhoo)) health insurance and how it was like all a rip-off and that they should get their shit together to keep their customers after the budget changes?


Yesterday I opened my mail to find that my health insurance company had sent me a $50 Coles-Myer Giftcard.

Heh heh heh heh!!

But unless they send me one of those a month, I’m still bailing come 1 July.  They can’t buy me with fifty bucks. Hello.

Also, this morning I followed Grendel‘s advice and ordered a flat white to really get a feel for Ristretto‘s current roast. Mmmmmmm! I know I was on the hunt for the perfect mocha, but I had one yesterday at Velvet and it was soooo sweet I wondered if it was just me… have I grown up enough to appreciate real coffee and not need added chocolate?  Shit. Tomorrow I’ll probably wake up and realise I need to move on to Olay Regenerist.

when will she just shut the hell up?

Don’t you hate it when you have to go to a family reunion and you have to listen to some wacky relative go on and on about the same thing they go on and on about at every family reunion?

Aunty Jan does that a lot, and I dread going to the front page of The Australian for fear of seeing another one of her stupid, inflammatory headlines almost as much as I dislike being told about my shortcomings by relatives who, frankly, are way more disturbed than I am (lucky for me, most of them are overseas).

I hope I don’t get the reputation for being obsessed with Janet Albrechtsen.  I know she says so many crappy things which really should be ignored, but once in a while she displays such ignorance and bigotry that I just can’t help but point it out for the amusement of my dear Readers.  This week’s masterpiece has been the subject of Aunty Jan’s ire not less that twice in the last six months (the 4 pages of her blog’s archives that I can be bothered to load).

The topic I speak of is, of course, the “looming menace” of activist judges. (Mind you, if I go and count references to the other topic of her piece this week, same-sex “marriage”, I might be here all month.)  You know, those, horrible, nasty elitist fiends who wipe out historical myths that may disadvantage an entire race, prevent an indigent accused unable to access legal aid from being denied a fair trial, allow ministers to exercise powers granted by parliament and commit other such atrocies against the community which amount to an “open declaration of war against our elected politicians“.

In a dazzling display of conservative intellect and wisdom, yesterday’s headline boldly declares war on those smarmy, unelected gits: “Judges should butt out of politics“. 

That’s right, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Bench — Butt. Out.  Y’all may have spent years studying in law schools, working in top firms and advocating at The Bar in order to be appointed as judges and work your booties off dealing with people’s problems and issuing punishments to criminals, but you and your bonehead friends can’t tell me what to do! Nuh-uh!!! I’m telling Mummy on you! … IknowyouarebutwhatamI? … Whoeversmeltitdealtit! … Liarliar! Pantsonfire!! … Mummmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know what?  I may be biased.  I went to law school and learned about this whole law and politics thing and now I work for two judges, so I might just be hero-worshipping and sticking up for them.

But as Aunty Jan warns of the apocalyptic doom we now face because Californian Judges have decided (4:3) that it’s ok for two grown adults who just so happen to be of the same gender to commit to each other for life, she appears to have forgotten that the California Supreme Court hasn’t at all usurped the state congress’ role in deciding whether or not to extend the full entitlements of marriage to same-sex couples.  The Californian Senate and Assembly legislated for the validity of same-sex marriages, without court pressure, in 2005 and 2007.  The (duly elected) Govnernator vetoed the bills because he believed that same-sex marriage should be settled by the courts as the constitutionality of the 2000 “Proposition 22” referendum, in which 60% voted for a “man & woman” definition of marriage, was yet to be considered and validated.

Or maybe she didn’t know that?  Come on, Aunty Jan, it really ain’t too hard to use Wikipedia.  You have a doctorate in laws, don’t you?  Did they give you a lobotomy and remove the section of your brain in which you stored the concept of doing “research” when you accepted the job at Teh Oz, or something?

To all my law friends, and my other friends, who are also smart and worldly (because, hello, you’re friends with me!), do you have any thoughts?  Will the world now end or should we try to get Sarah Connor to crush those evil judges in hydraulic pumpy things?

I leave you with the wise words of His Honour, the irrefutably awesome, Justice Micheal Kirby, who has his own Facebook appreciation society and gets extra marks for having enticited a personal vendatta from Aunty Janet:

So long as law is something more than mere rules, so long as it speaks of deep values and human aspirations, of human dignity and fundamental rights, there will be people called judges who have the responsibility to express and apply the law and, in new circumstances, to push it forward and adapt it in a principled way.  So long as judges do this, there will be critics.  And sometimes the criticism will be fair and require correction.  But let us resolve that the criticism will be voiced in civil language.  We can leave out the bullying.  Childish demonisation and name-calling should be left to infants’ schools.  They are contemptible and anti-intellectual. We should resolve to replace swearwords with analysis and bullying with open-minded dialogue. [link]

we may have a winner, folks

It’s always handy when one’s search doesn’t last too long!

I’d been walking past this little coffee spot in the Paragon 160 arcade (between St George’s & Hay Street, the entrance on the Terrace is is next to the Central Park side of the Atrium Building. Wow, I suck at directions) on my way to lunch at Nando’s/Ruby Thai all year and I finally had a spare moment to nip across to try their brew this morning.

Beautiful! The mocha’s rich chocatelyness is the perfect level of sweetness and bitterness, it’s only $4 for a regular, the staff are looooverly, even when it was slightly busy, and they stock other goodies like Emma & Tom’s juices, Abhi’s breads (note to self: campaign for their gluten-free rolls….) and use ethical and sustainable Fiori beans. Oh! And Bannister Downs milk! Frick. YEAH!


I couldn’t remember their name (shame) but a quick google let me know it is called Ristretto. And some fabbo Perth coffee blog reviewed it last year. Hurrah.

By the way. What the FRICK is with this cold? It’s gonna be a looooooong winter. Poo.

P.S. MK notes how interesting it is that this is the biggest problem the Opposition has with last night’s budget. Heh. Someone call Brian Fantana.



excited to get to use the awesome goodness that is wordpress to write my blog with. Blogger is boring and useless.


Possession: A Romance by A S Byatt. It has been a while since I read “literature” and this is rich with book-geek goodness. 


five games of Scrabulous on le Facebook.


about going home to do some yoga. But that means I also have to cook dinner.


Orgran gluten-free tomato soup. Ok, drinking.


for Rudd & Swanny’s first budget!


all those lost souls from Burma and s.e. China to be well and happy in the next part of their journey.

health insurance number crunching

There’s quite a bit of debate re the Rudd/Swan/Gillard plan to change the thresholds for the Medicare Levy in tomorrow’s budget.

I had a bit of a blue with my mother yesterday (yes, I know, Mother’s Day, I should’ve kept my mouth shut) when I announced how happy I was that I can bail on my $41.05 a fortnight private health insurance from July 1.

OMG she says (essentially), you’ll have to pay so much when you have to go to hospital for elective surgery!

For what, a boob job? Because I sure ain’t electing to have scalpels hovering over me for any other non-emergency reason, and I really don’t mind going to a public hospital. I spent 3 days in a hospital in Sri Lanka. RPH is heaven in comparison.

Health insurance is a crock of shit. If Howard needed to tax people to force them to sign up with his cronies, something was seriously wrong with the product. What exactly is the sense in the Government penalising people for not paying for a private service? Ask Johnny, ’cause it makes no sense to me.

The ruckus over the droves of people who may be quitting private health insurance if the tax changes come in should ring the alarm bells for health insurance companies. Why don’t people want to purchase (or keep) their products? Could it possible be because… shock, horror… because it’s not value for money??


But guess what? The health insurance companies knew that already! That’s why they got Johnny and Co (Pillagers, Inc) to force people to sign up!

At the moment I am contracted to pay over a grand to my health insurance company. For what? For $120 back on a $300 pair of glasses. For $100 back on dental (that’d be, what, three teeth cleaned)? I actually can’t afford physio, chiro, any of that other stuff, so I don’t see why I need to be paying through my nose just to get some minuscule rebate. Maybe if I wasn’t paying so much for health insurance, I could do a proper pilates class once a fortnight to fix my bloody sore back!!

Say this year I bought a pair of glasses for $300 (transitions! how good is not haing to carry a separate pair of sunnies?!) and went to the dentist for an annual clean and check-up, liberal estimate of $200.

With health insurance I will pay:

$1080 (Insurance)
$300 (Glasses)
$200 (Dentist)
-$220 (Rebate)
$1360 annual total.

That’s right, $1360 for $500 worth of products/services.

I was never any good at Maths (I prefer shopping), but even I can see how shit that is.

At the moment, if I didn’t have health insurance, I’d be smacked with the “Medicare Levy” for being a naughty girl who should really pay for shit I don’t need.

I know I may occasionally get my debit card out to pay for something I don’t really need, but guess what, I want it, and it’s my money so I will damn well spend it on stuff I want. Isn’t that what “liberal market economics” are all about, Johnny?

So from 1 July, I should theoretically* be able to get a pair of organic-cotton jeans and that HOT gossip girl dress, with enough change to order some more merrican apparel gear, and have my glasses and clean teeth too. I like those numbers much better.

* I say theoretically because I will not actually buy those jeans and that dress… ’cause kids are starving in Burma. But it is my prerogative to decide how I want to spend my money. Which may mean donating it to charity or saving for a home-loan deposit. Not paying it to some health insurance goon.