la belle vie

I did French at primary school for like (counts) (thinks) (counts more) 4 years. I couldn’t take it up properly in high school ’cause we did some fancy “immersion” program where they teach you normal subjects in other languages (so there were some kids who finished a year not knowing much about French or science/social studies) rather than learning all the proper rules about grammar and stuff.

(When I did lessons at Alliance while I was at uni I learned about grammatical concepts for the very first time.)

Anyway, I haven’t kept up with it since I was a poor uni student but I totally want to go back and learn.  Until I can get things organised I have decided to try reading French blogs.

Only the ones with lots of pictures, of course.

And damn, the French are so chic right now.

Actually, they always have been, haven’t they?

Maintenait. Les blogs française: Une Chic Fille, garance doré, cé.com.ça, sooishi et les grande filles ModE’lle. Magnifique!

One thought on “la belle vie

  1. Until you live there for a while and your tastes become accustomed to the peculiarities of “Frenchness”.
    Lots of delights and lots of horrors.
    Same almost everywhere.

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