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Just another quick post today; I just wanted to mention something.

It’s about writing style. I read this interesting piece on the topic a couple of weeks ago and it got me a’pondering about writing, or, more specifically, about how I write (because, as you must know by now, everything is always about me).

One of the 7 tips from the article is “sound like yourself”.

Annie has often said that she likes my writing because it sounds just like I talk, which I take as one of the loveliest compliments ever,

Then one of the tumblrers I follow quoted a following paragraph from weblebrity Julia Allison’s most recent column that got me thinking about a terrible habit I know I’ve do when I write.  The bit she’d “plucked … at random to say that punctuation like this boggles my mind” was this:

The good news (for you!): The creation of online systems of transmission (MySpace, YouTube, Facebook, Wikipedia), with their myriad channels for exposure—and resulting adoption and mutations—has exponentially sped up meme transmissions.

I know I’ve got a bit of a penchant for the odd aside, or 3, in the process of trying to make a point about something, but I hope I don’t do it as horribly as that.

So that’s all. I just wanted to write a bit about writing.  Which is really what this blog is for, I guess.

What sort of bad writing habits do you have? And/or what bugs you?

3 thoughts on “on writing

  1. You have a nice natural style and I enjoy reading what you write.

    As for me – my brain is very foggy and I tend to proof-read what I think I have written, not what I have actually written. As a result I often end up writing something stupid.

  2. I’m an obsessive editor. I’ll write a sentence, erase it, and then rewrite it a dozen times before moving on. It’s infuriating. I’m having to discipline myself to write absolute crap, just so that I can get something on paper, and then come back to it later when I’ve cleared my head a bit.

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