The hundredth post for this blog seems like the perfect spot for me to announce that I am going take a little break from here for a while.

Work’s really busy and I have a few other things happening that I want to finish off.

This blog was always meant to be a [semi] “serious” blog where I could ponder matters of import re politics and social justice and world issues and all that kinda thing, but posting about all those sorts of issues takes lots of time and effort. I like to at least try to get facts right for posts about that. But alas the time and effort is a little scarce right now, even if there’re heaps of things to be blogged about.

Massive apologies to Retarius in particular, who told me to keep the blog up just days ago… it’s just that since my stats seem to plummet when I post about that kind of stuff anyway, I am assuming leaving things unattended is not going to bother too many people!


Never fear, fair readers of this blog (who I can count on one hand, hehe)!

I am not leaving the interwebs. Because it is the home of my true soul and I would never actually exile myself like that. It would be horrible and may ’cause yukky withdrawal symptoms et cetera.

People who have been following me on Twitter may know that I’ve been posting some bits and bobs over on a “tumblelog” at http://sayitagain.tumblr.com (and more observant readers may have noticed the feed of links in the sidebar over there).

Tumblelogs are awesome because they’re really low maintenance. I have another one at http://sunili.tumblr.com which was really like an on-line scrapbook of sorts, where I posted funny pics and cool videos, but I decided to start up the other one for adding random comments about the things I post if I felt the need to. I don’t know why I didn’t just start the posts random comments on the first one instead of setting up a whole other one, but hey, I’m ODD ike that sometimes. And tumblrs are dead easy to set up so that didn’t help.

So yeah. I will no doubt be posting to both more often than not, as I am an awesome procrastinator, so feel free to check them out whenever:

  • This one is for the cool stuff (I lay claim to nothing but collecting it)
  • This one is for some cool stuff, some commentary, and mostly random ramblings

That’s all.

See youse all around!!!!!!!

Beijingo: logic not essential

Apparently, it’s just who you are and where you’re from that determines what you know.

Everybody in China knows that Tibet is an inalienable part of the territory of China. I see actually most of the people in these demonstrations are non-Chinese. So I would conclude they don’t really know very much about the situation.” — Olympic organisers condemning pro-Tibet activists (via ABC)

Uhhhhhhh. They clearly have lots of people enrolled in reasoning courses over there.

I am happy to accept the fact that the five activists detained for hanging up a pro-Tibet poster today are not Chinese. (They were Americans, Britons and Australia-Canadians, if anyone was wondering.) But can someone please explain this to me: how exactly does that alone lead to the conclusion that they don’t know much about the situation?

Um… Has anyone asked a Tibetan person about how they feel?

I encourage you all to check out the beijingwideopen blog, where Lhadon Thethong, Exec Director of Students for A Free Tibet talks about the issue:

I’ve traveled to the heart of the nation that has brutally occupied my homeland for over 50 years. Follow this blog, as I share what I see, feel, and experience… leaving Beijing wide open.


So in the season one finale of 30 Rock (AWESOME SHOW, btw) Liz Lemon says “blerg” about fifty seven times (approx.) to signify that things are going rather lamely right now.

That word completely describes this week. I have had the killer bug from hell hanging out in my sinus cavity since Sunday, and, as Aunty Pauline would say, I don’t like it.

A bunch of kids from work went down with it; my entire family has it; partners of people have it; people that work with partner’s of people who have it have it, and so have their partners.

If this bug was a marketing campaign, whoever thought it up would totally be ready to retire right now. Forget about the Leave Britney Alone Guy and the Montauk Monster; this is viral doing what viral does best.

I am convinced that the entire city will be buried in scrunched up snotty tissues within a few days.

Where is the disaster preparedness system, though?


I may have been watching too much of the X-Files recently (stay tuned for a Guest Post @ the lovely Sandie Law’s Geeked Off! blog on that subject), but as the Varanus “gas crisis” reminded us, as the 2004 tsunami reminded most of South and South-East Asia, there is pretty much nothing we can do with the proverbial excrement hits the wind-agitator affixed to the ceiling.

We all get covered in crap (or giant waves, or blankets cause we can’t turn the heater on) and we can do nothing about it.

Makes you worry, doesn’t it?

Sorry for the gloomy post.

I highly appreciate sick leave, though, so there’s a blessing to count. I am going to set up my CPSU membership stat. (We might be getting back pay from FEBRUARY! SQUEEEE! New iPod nano, mayhaps?)

Ooh goody! My fave!! Censoring anti-censorship material!

If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck… It may well be a Peking duck. Or Beijing duck, as we say these days.

So says the ABC’s Media Watch on the issue of Chanel 7’s decision to not play GetUp’s ad about Tibet during the opening of that sporty-gathering-thingymibob on Friday night.

As mentioned here on 08-08-08, there was some warning that this would happen.

Having had some personal experience with people refusing to openly discuss censorship issues, you may be able to guess where I stand on this matter.

What about you? I encourage youse all to check out the Media Watch segment on it and come back to discuss.

blogging war

Sure, this isn’t quite Anne Frank, but it is rather interesting:

Screen cap from Georgia Ministry of Foreign Affairs blog, taken 12 August 2008 12:37pm (GMT +8). Click through for the post.

http://georgiamfa.blogspot.com/ just contains press-releases from the government spokesministry, but it’s still cool that online public platforms like Blogger and gmail are being used by a government involved in an armed conflict.

Quick warning, though, there are pics too; those are rather confronting.

War in the cyberage could, on one hand, result in increased proliferation of propaganda, but blogging also provides another (quicker, direct) way of analysing and commenting on said propaganda.

We looked at the influence of bloggers and “new media” on political developments when I did a unit on Politics & the Media back in 2004 (that study was actually the impetus for me to start blogging).  The US election was the main case study back then, and four years later we can repeat that analysis, but the Georgia/South Ossetia conflict adds a whole new dimension to it.

I should probably dig around in my own Motherland‘s cyber backyard before I say this is groundbreaking (I know there’s a lot of pro Tamil Tigers stuff on the interwebs already), but, hey, it’s more the case of this being so fresh (and they’re white? Oh SNAP!) that it’s hot.


Today is going to be a good day.

Just quickly, though, I got this email from GetUp and I wanted to share…

Dear Sunili,

If you watched the news last night, you would have seen the lead story – a new GetUp TV ad has hit the headlines as Kevin Rudd arrives at the Beijing Olympics, urging him to speak out on Tibet.

The ad, made with the Australia Tibet Council, is going to air either side of the Opening Ceremony, click here to watch it:


We sent the PM a copy of the ad, and he has pledged to raise human rights issues in Beijing. We know this sort of diplomacy works – only last week the PM condemned the media censorship around the Olympics – and the Chinese Government eased the restrictions.

But there is one hurdle left to clear – the Seven Network, in response to the media interest our ad has generated is now denying the fact that we’ve booked the ad space. Unfortunately for them we have on our desks a confirmed booking sheet suggesting otherwise!

Whether or not Channel 7 decide to uphold the values of free speech, you can watch the ad for yourself here:


It’s vital that after the Olympics the world does not ‘switch off’ on Tibet – that’s why we’re planning more ads for the closing ceremony and beyond. Stay tuned for opportunities to help get the message out soon.

The GetUp team

PS – Let us know what you think about the Tibet issue and free speech on our blog.

Iiiiiiiinteresting.  WTF is up with that, Channel 7?

I’m boycotting the Olympics, btw, just ’cause I like to be fussy and shit. I was gonna go the the gyme tonight, but they’re all Olymaniacal over there at the moment, and no doubt all the fancy little treadmill TVs will be on the ‘Lympics, so I will sit at home all peacefully and read my Dali Lama book or sommink.

got burnt?

Haha. I’m an idiot.

I wrote to the new VC asking if she’d be able to provide me a reference for that Thing I’m applying for. I got a very official, impersonal response which said because she officially had nothing to do with me, she couldn’t. Which is fair, I suppose. But surely she knows me? Maybe not. But regardless, it’s even more fair considering that they probably all know how much I hate the way they do things there.

Ah, whatevs.

Beeton told me not to worry about what I’ve said about the Uni on this blog because it’s all very rational. I pointed out that they’re Catholics — they don’t do rational.

But as she noted, oh, they do guilt so well!

I have one up on guilt though: spite.

Revenge is a dish best served cold, as we know, and when I am famous and fabulous, I am totally telling their PR people they cannot put me in their glossy advertisement books (aka ‘prospectus’). I will say something along the lines of what Edward Gibbon, English historian, politician and memoirist said in Memoirs of My Life and Writing (1796):

To the University of Oxford I acknowledge no obligation; and she will cheerfully renounce me as a son, as I am willing to disclaim her for a mother.


Not that I have anything against Oxford; my uncle went there and stuff.

As Aristotle said, “the roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet” (Diogenes Laetius, Lives of Philosophers, cited in The Times Book of Quotations, 2000, 219), so as shit as it was there, I am grateful of what I got out of it.

Like this lesson: next time you want to blog about something being shit, make sure you get everything you need out of it first, then blog about how shit they are.

See you when I’m someone fabulous, bitches!

a sad anniversary

After all the fun of yesterday, today is a sad day. It has been one year since Supreme Court Registrar Corryn Rayney disappeared and was later found murdered in a shallow grave in Kings Park.  I’ve mentioned the issue before, and it’s unbelievable that it’s been a year already.

The fact that this happened in Perth is bad enough, because no matter what this place will always be a tiny little town, but I also know lots of people who worked with her and I know how much her passing affected them.

From every account, she was a wonderful human being.

I never met her, I’d never even heard of her before this, but yeah… it’s still just still so shocking and sad.  I hope that wherever she is now, she’s at peace, and I truly hope everyone who was near and dear to her are ok.

That’s all.

on pollies, depression, and having a crisis

There is this highly enjoyable blog called indexed, right, where this clever little lassie doodles funny graphs on index cards. For example:

Now, if we replaced the labels in the Venn diagram above with politicians, emotional crises and depression, [former?] Tassie Economic Development & Tourism Minister Paula Wriedt would be the one disappearing in the middle.

After Sam “douchebag, but feel sorry for him, he had cancer” Newman may or may not have said crass things about her over the fact that the Tasmanian government is sponsoring the Hawks last, it turned out that Ms Wriedt was hospitalised over the weekend and there had been reports that she tried to commit suicide.

Then there was the stuff about the sexual harassment claim, followed by the admission she had an affair with her driver…

Hooooooley dooley, what a nightmare. One of her family’s statements mentioned:

The pressures of public life, constant travel away from home and public scrutiny combined with motherhood is a difficult act to balance.

I have the feeling motherhood is difficult to balance in a private life, too, but I don’t intend to make this about all that women & work stuff… The thing is, regardless of whether or not her suicide attempt was due to douchbagy comments (if it was, that is another post entirely), the affair, whatever, is it just me or does the number of cases of depression and breakdowns among pollies worry any one else?  Geoff Gallop, John Brogden et al… it’s just really not good at all.

I know the fact she’s depressed is just horrible in itself, but yeah… the mix of public life (and I mean “public service” life, not just being a celebrity) with depression has got to be sucky.

Found this interesting post on the subject in former Democrats Senator Andrew Bartlett’s blog, and this comment struck a chord with me:

Politics is a dirty game and is not conducive to people with a good conscience and if it is, it is unlikely they’ll have one by the end.

I discovered how yukky politics was in Year 10 Social Studies, when we had a pretend election.  Oh it was horrid.  After that I decided there was no way I was going to be an actual politician, cos I cry way too much, but I thought I’d work behind the scenes, so to speak.  Then I went to Young Labor national conference and have been too scared to attend meetings regularly ever since.

Politics is an important part of our lives (or at least it is for me… whatevs) and it would be nice if it wasn’t so mean and gross, no?

happy birthday to me!

Aw, I’ve had a lovely day with lots of lovely Fb Wall messages and emails and texts. Aw! Yay!  Matt got me the most wonderful present — three lovely photos from our South East Asian Holiday Extravaganza mounted and framed.  What a thoughtful and wonderful grown-up present! (Since I am totally old now.)  My fave photo is this probably one, which I took while we were floating down a river in North Thailand on a bamboo raft… aw… heaven.

Now, I found this cool new Perth blogger via a post on the Fifty Most Influential ‘Female’ Bloggers (she’s FROM PERTH and is on this list! How sweet is that?) and she does this monthly personal goals thing, which is probably a bit too boring for me to bother doing here, but I was inspired to take this whole birthday thing as an opportunity to think about what I hope to achieve in the next year or whatever.

(Whoa long sentence.)

So here are my Birthday Goals

Goal One: Work on long sentences. Seriously. (Good.)

Goal Two: Save money to pay off my HELP debt (thanks to Grendel’s super-helpful payroll-to-savings-account method!) before I finish up at this job (Feb 2009) and then keep going to save up for shed or something similar to call my own.

Goal Three: Quit with the procrastinating already. (Maybe tomorrow.)

Goal Four: Start looking at the bright side of life occasionally — CHECK I did it yesterday. That’ll do.

Goal Five: Be more active in community service-y stuff, rather than thinking about it here and there.

This will probably involve me picking something, and I totally suck at making decisions, so I would love to hear about any community service things you do, and why.  That would really help me I can think about what really matters and what I should get properly involved in. (Look! I made that big long sentence into two shorter ones! YES! I ROCK AT GOALS!)

Goal Six: Be good about going to the gym (at least 3 times a week). First, I should because my darling Mamma is paying for my membership at aforementioned fancy gym (via monthly credit card deposit — I call it “the gift that keeps on taking”).  Secondly, it is good for me mentally and physically and stuff.

I think six will do.  It’s the 6th and all so that’s nice and appropriate, and I don’t want to be too ambitious with too many goals.  Plus I am bored. (Yeah, bored with the blogging break I took from doing work that was boring. Go me! Oh no wait it’s time to go to my Birthday drinkies!! YAY!!)

Ciaociao x