Today is going to be a good day.

Just quickly, though, I got this email from GetUp and I wanted to share…

Dear Sunili,

If you watched the news last night, you would have seen the lead story – a new GetUp TV ad has hit the headlines as Kevin Rudd arrives at the Beijing Olympics, urging him to speak out on Tibet.

The ad, made with the Australia Tibet Council, is going to air either side of the Opening Ceremony, click here to watch it:


We sent the PM a copy of the ad, and he has pledged to raise human rights issues in Beijing. We know this sort of diplomacy works – only last week the PM condemned the media censorship around the Olympics – and the Chinese Government eased the restrictions.

But there is one hurdle left to clear – the Seven Network, in response to the media interest our ad has generated is now denying the fact that we’ve booked the ad space. Unfortunately for them we have on our desks a confirmed booking sheet suggesting otherwise!

Whether or not Channel 7 decide to uphold the values of free speech, you can watch the ad for yourself here:


It’s vital that after the Olympics the world does not ‘switch off’ on Tibet – that’s why we’re planning more ads for the closing ceremony and beyond. Stay tuned for opportunities to help get the message out soon.

The GetUp team

PS – Let us know what you think about the Tibet issue and free speech on our blog.

Iiiiiiiinteresting.  WTF is up with that, Channel 7?

I’m boycotting the Olympics, btw, just ’cause I like to be fussy and shit. I was gonna go the the gyme tonight, but they’re all Olymaniacal over there at the moment, and no doubt all the fancy little treadmill TVs will be on the ‘Lympics, so I will sit at home all peacefully and read my Dali Lama book or sommink.

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  1. Your blog’s an excellent example of being able to create good stuff, by seeing what’s really there, rather than just seeing what we expect to see. And if you’re interested, I’ve been blogging about this – but if this is an intrusion feel free to delete this and accept my apologies.

    Url: http://catchthevision.wordpress.com

  2. I just can’t get into this Beijing Olympics. Anything after Sydney seems like an anticlimax and I can’t keep thinking about all the ugly stuff behind the gloss; like political prisoners being farmed for their organs. Like you, I’m not going to bother. Good luck to our athletes, but I’ll care some other time.

  3. ctv – uh, cool, thanks? I think!

    Retarius – You’re right. Twas all downhill from Sydney. I think the fact I didn’t watch any of Athens made it even easier to boycott BJ. Also, I don’t have a tv. Snap.

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