Ooh goody! My fave!! Censoring anti-censorship material!

If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck… It may well be a Peking duck. Or Beijing duck, as we say these days.

So says the ABC’s Media Watch on the issue of Chanel 7’s decision to not play GetUp’s ad about Tibet during the opening of that sporty-gathering-thingymibob on Friday night.

As mentioned here on 08-08-08, there was some warning that this would happen.

Having had some personal experience with people refusing to openly discuss censorship issues, you may be able to guess where I stand on this matter.

What about you? I encourage youse all to check out the Media Watch segment on it and come back to discuss.

2 thoughts on “Ooh goody! My fave!! Censoring anti-censorship material!

  1. Dunno if it still exists in any form but there was once a thing called the Alternative Arts Handbook at UWA which (of course) was indispensible in finding out who to avoid as a tutor, whose units were bad medicine, who was stuffing the reading lists with their mates’ books… It used to cop some great lawsuits. The editors once had a mock-quote from one of their targets next to an article about him, saying:
    “By God! I’ll sue them again!” – Professor X.
    No truth is too petty or painless to be struggled against by someone.

    I checked MediaWatch – par for the course from Seven. But! Imagine if they had run those ads! What a bomb would have gone off under Seven’s arses in Beijing. The only wonder is that they were asleep at the wheel enough to accept them at all.

    BTW, I really enjoy this blog. It’s written with a real voice by an interesting person. Keep it going, please!

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