war crimes

During lunch this afternoon I listened to the podcast of Julian Burnside (he’s a “top human rights barrister”!) and Gerry Simpson (professor of international law at the London School of Economics) talk about war crimes and international law at the Melbourne Writers’ Festival.  You can watch/listen online via to the ABC Fora TV site, which I totally recommend you do because I can’t be bothered writing out all the interesting discussion about the history of international law and victors’ justice and such.

However, I wanted to post a link to this article from Harper’s (the awesome American one, not the snooty Australian Bazzar one) if we might soon see a Ticket to The Hague for Dick Cheney? Most amusing was the reference to the report that the PBS network

found that it had no network space for [the documentary] Torturing Democracy until January 20, 2009—the day the Bush Administration decamps from Washington.

I wish our dollar wasn’t so shit so that I could subscribe to Harper’s and read this month’s cover story ‘JUSTICE AFTER BUSH: Prosecuting an Outlaw Administration’, but I’ll have to wait til Borders gets that issue in in June 😛

One thought on “war crimes

  1. I’d like to see the recidivist criminals in the White House behind bars alongside the crooks on Wall Street and elsewhere in the corporate world.

    I’m not holding my breath though however if Obama doesn’t make changes he will inherit the crimes of the Bush administration and become a war criminal himself.

    One lawyer I know about has some suggestions for Obama “In the Public Interest: Restoring the Constitution” link http://tumblelog.lyall.id.au/post/60319160/in-the-public-interest-restoring-the-constitution

    Oh and I’d love to see Cheney find himself in a jurisdiction with an investigating judge ready to issue an arrest warrant.

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