This American Life

I currently have 220 unplayed podcast episodes in my iTunes.  Even though I’ve subscribed to a bunch of them, there’s only one podcast that I listen to every week, without fail: This American Life.


There are just so many awesome stories, and they’re all so different.  Listening to each new episode is the highlight of my week.

And I just got spam from the host Ira Glass, on whom I totally have a voice crush, asking for donations because the radio station that produces it is struggling to cope with the GFC.  Actually, I already donated at the start of the year, which is how they got my email, and the asking was actually whether I would pitch in again.

So I will, because I’m a sucker for donating things, and also cause I’m not a cheapskate.

I have an exam to study for, which is why I’m online again, hah hah, but I just wanted to suggest to people to listen to TAL and, if you like it as much as I do, please think about donating 10 bucks or something to them.