October up-coming events


5:30pm, Friday 17 October 2008
Forrest Place, Perth

STAND UP Against Poverty is a worldwide call to take action against poverty and inequality and for the Millennium Development Goals.   It is a unique global mobilisation which calls on civil society, schools, businesses and NGOs and every day people to band together with the same message – that we must MAKE POVERTY HISTORY.


So if you are in town tomorrow night… join in to put your voice behind this call (there are other Perth STAND UP events too and also, check out more about Anti-poverty week 12-18 October).

Labor Readers’ Club

6.30pm, Tuesday 21st October 2008
The Velvet Lounge
– in the back section of the Flying Scotsman Cnr Walcott and Beaufort Streets, Mt Lawley

The next Labor Readers’ event will discuss the latest Quarterly Essay by Tim Flannery: ‘Now or Never: A Sustainable Future for Australia?‘ (Quarterly Essay, Issue 31).

Flannery, the 2007 Australian of the Year, outlines the threat that global warming poses to humanity. His essay is a passionate plea for both citizens and policy-makers alike to act now and adopt sustainability as a key organising principle.

David Hodgkinson, a climate change and aviation law specialist (see www.hodgkinsongroup.com and www.ecocarbon.org.au) will provide an introduction to the discussion.

Come along and join in the discussion, all are warmly welcomed. The only prerequisite to being a Reader is an open, critical mind and an interest in the future of Australia.

a sad anniversary

After all the fun of yesterday, today is a sad day. It has been one year since Supreme Court Registrar Corryn Rayney disappeared and was later found murdered in a shallow grave in Kings Park.  I’ve mentioned the issue before, and it’s unbelievable that it’s been a year already.

The fact that this happened in Perth is bad enough, because no matter what this place will always be a tiny little town, but I also know lots of people who worked with her and I know how much her passing affected them.

From every account, she was a wonderful human being.

I never met her, I’d never even heard of her before this, but yeah… it’s still just still so shocking and sad.  I hope that wherever she is now, she’s at peace, and I truly hope everyone who was near and dear to her are ok.

That’s all.


I wonder if the title will increase my hit count at all?

Anyhoo, Frank pointed out that Team TWOP were continuing their amusing chat on the WAToday post in regards to “Sooky la la Sattler”.

For those fair readers who don’t have time to read all the comments there, it is with pleasure that I summarize the story thus far…

Yesterday Howard Sattler posted yet another outdated diatribe, this time bemoaning the fact the Government are holding police and nurses at ransom over pay because Carps et al know they won’t strike:

Were they to do the unthinkable, society as we know it would collapse.
Crime would proliferate and hospital patients would die in their thousands.

Leaving aside those amazingly statistically-accurate predictions for now, it was essentially laughable that the post was entitled “Government takes advantage of honest coppers“. (No, I won’t link to it, you poor readers suffer enough reading this blog, I do not wish any further harm upon your intellect.)

A TWOP regular, Sir Skink, as I now like to call him, posted a comment asking Mr Sattler why he only referred to the “honest” boys in blue and failed to mention the ratty ones who stuffed up the Mallard, Mickelburg and such cases and are stuffing up the Rayney investigation (as previously noted on this blog).

Surprisingly, Howard responded:


or should I call you skank?

Oh, ouch, what a clever witty comeback. This guy is not to messed with, children. Also, don’t be mean to him on the “honest copper” comment. Because it was all the sub-editor’s fault — Howard Sattler would never have deigned to draft his own title, unlike the rest of us plebs.

The above quote has been taken from memory — specifically, my memory — and it may not be completely accurate, because Skink’s comment and Howard’s response have since been deleted by Roy Fleming, the Managing Editor of WAToday.  Skink reproduces correspondence with Mr Fleming in a comment on TWOP.

I too have had corresponded with Mr Fleming in previous weeks (I wanted to know if they happened to have plans for their site to actually be any good), but sadly, all he did was invite me out to coffee. I wish I was important enough to be banned.

Apparently Sir Skink only ever intends to be “malicious in tone and content”, unlike Howard Sattler, a prominent and respected citizen of this bright State who has never racially vilified indigenous people and breached the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 (Cth) or anything. Not.

So until he’s sacked, I am just going to keep an eye on the happenings at http://howardsattlerisanidiot.wordpress.com/

a night at the theatre

I have decided that once I am all grown-up and fabulous, I am going to be a fabulous patron of the thee-ette-ture. You have to pretend that you’re hearing me say that in a fabulous posh accent.

Plays are simply fabulous and I really do believe they are unbelievably under-rated.

I went to a play last night with my lovely friend C (who I have just decided I am going to call C in true Gossip Girl style because she is just too fabulous to be referred to by a whole name, just as Madonna, Prince and Beyoncé are too fabulous to be referred to by a first name and a last name) and we had a marvelous time.

The production was The Female of the Species by Joanna Murray-Smith and it was put on by the Black Swan Theatre Company at the Playhouse.

I absolutely love the Playhouse — our high school musicals were put on there and I have spent many a night backstage rigging up microphones and running around with props and stage-managing schtuff.  (I consider myself to be an ugly duckling and I stand by that, rather the fact that I am not talented on the stage, as my excuse for never actually performing.)  So in addition to the intimacy of the place as a small-er venue, there’s lots of nostalgia there for me, too.

While I did drama at school all the way from 8 to 12, I don’t recall ever seeing a decent theatre production while I was at uni. That is a horrible realisation for me. I suppose part of it was due to the fact I was broke, broke, flat-broke though most all of uni, but it’s horrible because I just LOVE plays, and how every facet of them just adds to their aforesaid fabulousness.

I have said fabulous a lot in this post, haven’t I? Too bad if it’s ticking you off; it’s my word of the day.

As a super geek, I did super well in my TEE Drama Studies exam because there was more marks involved in the theory side than the performance side.

The theory aspect of plays — text and context and all that palaver — is possibly just as meaty as it is for book-form literature, but I just adore the way all the non-verbal, visual, aural and production aspects of theatre can tie in to create just this amazing diorama of cultural-studies goodness.

Take Oh! What a Lovely War for instance, which is quite possibly my favourite production — ouuuuf, it makes me shudder to think about the way it portrays the absurdities and waste and horridness of war. The irony is just emphasized on so many levels — the script, the songs, the visual projections, the pierott costumes!! Fabulous!!!

The Female of the Species was just as clever. No songs or slide-shows, mind you, but oh — the wit! And what fabulous performances! We were cheap lucky enough to to to a preview, so there was just so much energy with the freshness, which I reckon really added to it.

Opening night is tonight, it runs til 6 July, and I reckon all and sundry should go! (Tickets through BOCS — look how easy I’ve made it for you!)

I suppose one of the reasons I loved it so much is because it was about the whole debate about womens’ purpose in life and the development of the entire concept of feminism as it has evolved and affected society over the decades. Highly near and dear to my and C’s hearts. Fabulous.

That was my second visit to the theatre in as many months and I have officially decided that theatre is going to be my Thing. Everyone needs a Thing — some people might have a sport or drinking a bottle-cap collection or a cult or a crafty-type hobby… I’m going to go to lots of plays!

Fabulous 😉

WA Today

Fairfax hits with a powerful left-hook … Ding? Dong? Teh West is down for the count?

If only they’d listened to Kerry. If only, if only.

PerthNow is so lame; I’ve got high hopes for this baby.

PS: I wonder if they’re looking for writers??

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Update: well, like all parents (it seems), I am totally disappointed. It wasn’t a left hook. It was one of those crap slaps from the Mark Darcy v Daniel Cleaver fight in Bridget Jones’ Diary. Le sigh.

Please feel free to join the bitching re TWAToday at TWOP.

Update #2: didn’t even realise this was happening since I never read Teh West, ever, but they’re doing Perth’s Hottest Singles or something and the LOVELY Ian Repper is on the list! If anyone wants this Sweet, Sexy, Smart Sagitarius’ number, let me know 😉

Update #3: Hey wow. Look at what I said about crap online “news” reporting BACK IN 2004 (found it while I was doing a category-cleanup). Huh. How dumb is Fairfax? I wasn’t actually suggesting it to anyone. Sheesh.


SO a couple of weeks ago I had a bunch of blood-tests, some for routine check-ups, others for the fact I’m always tired and needed to have my iron levels checked blah-di-blah, but I also had this new fadangled test for coeliac disease.

I’ve been kinda busy (and so had the doctor’s office when I ran up to get my results) so I didn’t actually get a hold of them til today, after my highly enjoyable (NOT) weekend of floppy-gluten-free-dud-croissant-making.

As it turns out, I do NOT have coeliac disease, as previously thought following a blood-test from two years ago.

I may be slightly gluten-intolerant, which is apparently different, but this means that I am allowed to eat gluteny things occasionally as long as I don’t over-do it on the Big Macs and Domino’s and KFC in consecutive meals.

Which I also probably shouldn’t do since I have elevated triglycerides (slightly uh-oh since I’m a twentysomething, and all). That’s the only available option for me to cut my reading on those, because I can’t exactly lose any more weight or drink any less alcohol, can I? 😛

But yes, this is all rather le sigh considering the croissant escapade and the fact I have finally found a gluten-free muesli I like after nearly two years of experimenting with the whole eating-really-expensive-shredded-cardboard thing AND have become addicted to Tiger Tiger‘s delectable non-glutenous brownies.

But I suppose those are all good things.

And it means I can enjoy $9.95 pizza or pasta at The Moon before The Thrills @ Amps tonight.


your bus, in your pocket

Just got an email from Transperth telling me that I can now plug 136213.mobi into my mobile’s browser for access to timetables, SmartRider balances and Transperth news.

Looks pretty good!

You’ll need to know the 5-digit number of the bus-stop you want to catch a bus from (which you can look up before hand), or, if you get to the stop and can’t see the bus coming, you can use the service to figure out exactly how long you have to to browse Facebook ’til it gets there.

The train departure times feature is pretty handy too — especially if you’re halfway to the station and wondering whether you can afford to keep strolling or should do some butt-wiggling power-walking so you don’t miss your ride.

To save your mobile browing quota, you can check out the feature online first.

Kudos to Transperth. While their SmartRider system had delays and stuff, they were part of the national launch for Google Transit and little-by-little they’re making using public transport a lot easier by embracing the capabilities of new technology.

Now, if only they could get a few more buses and trains on at peak times, we might be able to shrink our Fair City’s carbon footprint and say goodbye to the St Georges Terrace gridlock.

Or does Darryl Kerrigan need to tell me I’m dreaming?


So remember how I was having a whinge about ((whoa I just had a MASSIVE flash of deja vu. crazy. anyhoo)) health insurance and how it was like all a rip-off and that they should get their shit together to keep their customers after the budget changes?


Yesterday I opened my mail to find that my health insurance company had sent me a $50 Coles-Myer Giftcard.

Heh heh heh heh!!

But unless they send me one of those a month, I’m still bailing come 1 July.  They can’t buy me with fifty bucks. Hello.

Also, this morning I followed Grendel‘s advice and ordered a flat white to really get a feel for Ristretto‘s current roast. Mmmmmmm! I know I was on the hunt for the perfect mocha, but I had one yesterday at Velvet and it was soooo sweet I wondered if it was just me… have I grown up enough to appreciate real coffee and not need added chocolate?  Shit. Tomorrow I’ll probably wake up and realise I need to move on to Olay Regenerist.

The Quest

Looks like my coffee addiction has returned. I think I picked it up while thesising last year, but after the glorious condensed-milk coffees I downed like water in Vietnam, nothing else was palatable. While it’s not fair to judge countries like Cambodia on their lack of coffee-brewing and growing prowess considering they still haven’t properly recovered from the 20th century’s other genocide, I just took that as an opportunity to be healthy and try to kick the dirty habit.

I’d been drinking various white, red and green teas for a while after I got back, but really needed something stronger and tried to be satisfied with Clipper organic Indian Chai. ‘Tis delicious and warming and soothing, but I dunno. I was still falling asleep.

So, despite knowing that coffee is bad for you, and that none of the CBD places seem to use fair trade beans, I kept sneaking into Rosso Espresso on my way up from the SCt carpark to grab a skinny mocha with two on the way to work.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. So freaking good. There is a line out the door and onto the footpath every morning at that place, even when it is raining, for a REASON.

Best. Coffee. In. Perth.

Or is it?

I decided that I should shop around to see if I could find better since they’re not fair trade (yes, I’m a hippy), kinda pricey, and yeah, the fricking line.

This survey is extremely under-researched, just saying what I happen to see in relation to everything but what the mocha tastes like.


This morning’s sample was from jango in King Street. They sell fair trade chocolate and all their food packaging is recycled-looking cardboard or recyclable plastic, and they have cool juices and drinks and stuff, and they take EFTPOS, but the mocha? Bah-bow. (Think Bert’s Family Feud, here, people. Survey’s not happy.) Bitter, totally not sweet enough, and the large is way too small.



When I arrived at work this morning there was a fellow who looked 70+ sipping his soup patrol tea as he was shuffling though the Supreme Court Gardens. He only had shorts on so he’d pulled up a pair of footy socks to try and keep his legs warm. It was so sad to think that somebody’s grandfather slept out in the cold last night.

Realestate.com.au and Mission Australia launched their House for the Homeless campaign yesterday. $1 will be donated for various Mission Australia projects for every person who visits, up to $100,000.

Every dollar counts, sure, but I don’t know how far $100k goes in the current real estate market??? A 6th of a house???

The Youth Affairs Council of WA is also running a campaign to highlight the problem with a “postcard petition” aimed at Premier Carpenter.

After seeing so much homelessness on my recent trip to South-East Asia, it’s even more humbling to see it in my home town.

Image: YACWA